Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Gingerbread Man

Why Did The Gingerbread Man Not Want To Get Wet?

Room Three have been reading the fairytale 'The Gingerbread Man' and have been wondering "Why did the gingerbread man not want to get wet?"

We have been doing science experiments with jelly, m and m's and gingernuts to explore dissolving.

We have discovered that the Gingerbread Man would get soggy and fall apart if he had tried to swim across the river.

The best part reading 'The Gingerbread Man' was making, decorating and eating our own gingerbread men!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Maths Week - Come And Solve Our Maths Problems...

TN - There were 10 lipsticks on the table and a person took 8 away. How many are left?

SK - There are 6 tins. There are 5 tins with something in. How many are empty?

ES - If there are 14 girls and 1 is away, how many are there?

SKC - I had 5 apples and I ate 2 apples. How many have I got left?

SC- There are three cats and two dogs. How many are there altogether?

JJ - There are 21 children on the bus. There are 8 children who went off the bus. How many are in the bus?

TH - There are 3 dogs and 2 cats and 1 pig and 1 dog ran away. How many animals were left?

CJ - There are 100 children in town. And 900 more. How many is there?

KB - There were 6 cats and 3 dogs. 2 dogs ran away and 5 cats ran away. How many are left?

Toys - Making Kites

CC- How To Make A Fish Kite
1. Get fabric
2. Draw eyes
3. Rule line
4. Do your string
5. Cut it out
6. Colour it in.

We flew our kites on the field with our buddy class Room 16 and then we took them home.

Making Popcorn - Celebrating 100 Days Of School

CJC - Last Friday we made popcorn. Do you know popcorn starts as dry kernels? We made popcorn containers out of sharpie, crayons, cardboard paper, cellotape and a stapler.

SL - Pop, pop, popping popcorn everywhere, popping around the classroom. Then we put it in the popcorn box. Then we ate it. Yummy popcorn. We really like popcorn. We made popcorn last Friday. Look, look at the yummy popcorn! Yummy!

KH - I like popcorn because it is yummy and it looked like it was playing speedy tag.

RVdM - Popcorn is yummy. Popcorn is sweet. Popcorn is fun. Everyone loves popcorn. Popcorn.

YR - Popcorn is soft like marshmallows. It is yummy popcorn. I love popcorn.

ZM - It feels soft. It smells hot. It tastes yummy and it looks white.

RL - Popcorn is hot. Popcorn is yummy. Popcorn looks just like little marshmallows. Popcorn is crunchy.

KD - On 100 days of school we made popcorn. I really, really love popcorn. I like making popcorn. It is nice eating popcorn. Popcorn is white, gold and yellow.

AB - Popcorn is yummy! It is crunchy. You can hear it popping. It is gold. And sometimes yellow. It can also be white. Popcorn is yummy!

When I am 100 Years Old - Celebrating 100 Days Of School

EB - When I am 100 years old I will have grey hair in a pony tail, crinkled skin and a walking stick. Every day I will sit in my room and eat chocolate biscuits.

VS - When I am 100 years old I will have a guide dog. I will be blind. I will have false teeth. I will be bent over. I will be quite smart. I will have a walking stick. I will eat less food. I will have...Grey hair!

ED - When I am 100 years old I'm going to be very, very old. I have yellow teeth. I might have a guide dog. I will have crinked skin. I will have a walking stick to help me walk when I go to the shops. I will have false teeth in my mouth. I will be smart. I will have an old house. I will be bent over. I will have grey hair on my head. My hair will fall out. I will have less food to eat. I will have a rest home to live in until I die!

SD - When I'm 100 I'll be grumpy and grizzly. I'll need a walking stick and glasses. I'll have a crooked back.

JB - When people are 100 they have a walking stick and read the newspaper.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where is the best place for an animal to live?

In term 2, Room 3 were learning about animal habitats. Our learning question was: "where is the best place for an animal to live?" Watch our voicethread above to hear our ideas!